San Andrés, Colombia

Even when a storm hits, you can still witness the different contrast and saturation of teal. I say “witness” here, because that’s what it feels like. Every time you look at the water something catches your eye and you need to give it another few moments to actually gather all the information in. The sea of seven colors, San Andrés, merits its name. Furthermore, it adds to Colombia’s notoriety of being the birthplace of magical realism.


The island is shaped like a seahorse and you can take a golf cart, motorbike, or atv to do a tour around it in an hour. In the day, you can go downtown to the biggest beach called “Spratt Bight” with a stylish walkway along the coast, or the east coast to “Rocky Cay” or “San Luis”. You can snorkel and make eye contact with plenty of fish at San Luis and also on the West end, though the west side is more touristy. In regards scuba diving you can dive right off the east coast, or you can go farther out by boat to “witness” a seemingly different world with ideal transparency. I went to a place called “The Pyramid”, which has a rock that stretches from the bottom up to just under the surface of the water. It was just fascinating in the full sense of the word. There was such a variety of different fish to say hello to and swim with, a lot of coral, and I felt like a little kid again. On the surface, there’s also a lot of kite surfing going on. Because it’s so windy at times, surfers can sustain hang time for it seems like more than 10 seconds.

Kite Surfing at Spratt Bight

There’s also a nightlife in San Andrés. To start, there is no tax on the island so beers are only $50 cents each can if you buy them in convenience stores. Moreover, San Andrés is in the Caribbean so naturally the majority of the music playing is reggae with some live bands. However, there is still one salsa/bachata/top 40s club called “Coco Loco” which has multiple levels and an outside area by the water. On the other hand, if you want to take a day trip to one of the islands around San Andrés you can make it out for $5 USD. One called, “El Aquario”, in particular is unbelievable. The vibrant teal extends so far out that you can’t see the end of it at certain points, and it’s also quite populated with fish to do some more snorkeling.


Other than that, I don’t know what else to say about the island itself. Like “Pance” there were some experiences here that were truly humbling. Taking a bike home at night, listening to the waves fold onto the sand, and looking up at the clear starry night, again I felt that feeling of being so oblivious. Like an innocent baby, I had no idea about how much goes on outside of my existence, and I felt like there was nothing I could do to fully “pay back” the world I live in. How could I ever be as beautiful as the water in San Andrés? How could I work tirelessly and for so long to make so much history in my depths? I know the ocean doesn’t have a brain, and at the same time that excuses me to an extent, but what does that matter if I don’t use that power for something that somewhat justifies my existence? I hope this island and country never changes unless it is on its own terms.


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