Vegan Sources for Vitamin B12 and Omega 3

Vitamin B12 and omega 3 are the hardest nutrients for a vegan to get a hold of. Without enough B12 you can start to feel consistently drowsy, develop poor memory, or develop poor vision. On the other hand, an omega 3 deficiency can cause sleep, attention, and emotional instability. Contrary to popular belief then, not every vegan feels better physically and emotionally. So, needless to say we need to be responsible and know which sources we can rely on in order to take care of ourselves.

In a previous blog (The Fall Back) I talked about how it’s not so much the amount of omega 3 alone that we need, but the positive ratio from it to omega 6 because they both compete in being converted into those fatty acids that we need. The best sources of omega 3 then are seeds, more notably flax and chia seeds ( Apart from The Fall Back, I sprinkle seeds on many dishes I make, but they also go well in smoothies.


The Oscar Wild

Two different fruits (or three)

3 cups of almond milk

1 tablespoon of sugar

1 cup of flax or chia seeds

  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender except the seeds. Blend until preferred thinness is reached.
  2. Add the seeds and pulse a few times to distribute them evenly.

As for B12, the almond milk that you can substitute into smoothies contains 50% of your daily value per cup on its own. If you buy frosted flakes or the knock off brand which contains 70% of your daily B12 value in every cup and a half, after just a bowl of cereal we have all the B12 you need. Furthermore, there’s no reason why we can’t use almond milk instead of cow’s milk for everything else we cook and eat either.

Apart from cereals and milks, soy products are going to be the best source of B12. The most popular soy product is the veggie burger.

The McDonald’s Vegan Burger

  1. Fry up some onion with salt and pepper, and add some slices of yellow or red pepper when the onion is translucent.
  2. When the pepper and onion are turning colour, add the chives/parsley and the mushrooms.
  3. After a minute, move the vegetables on to one side and place the two veggie burgers in the pan. These only take 4 minutes on each side. You can also season them with parsley/chives for more flavour.

“The McDonald’s Vegan Burger” has replaced my egg sandwiches. Each one contains 25% more daily B12 value. Don’t worry about consuming too much B12 though as your body stores it for other days.

In the end, all diets have challenges. In a carnivore diet, the challenge is avoiding clogged arteries, diabetes and obesity. In a vegan diet, the challenge is getting enough B12 and omega 3. The point is that a vegan diet is possible and becoming more and more convenient.

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