2 am thoughts on feminism

A lot of people mistake what feminism is. First of all, you don’t have to be a woman to talk about this subject, to be a feminist, or to support feminism.
It’s also not about catering to everything women want just because they are women. Some girls think they have the right to be right all the time, and sadly if they’re pretty they usually will have people waiting to support them blindly. *Cough Tinder Cough*. Of course there are many times to joke, let things go, understand, and laugh, but not indefinitely which happens. This actually handicaps women by not considering them equally.
Appropriately then, true feminism isn’t claiming that men are not allowed to make an argument, express their opinion, or be able to do what they want from time to time either.  This is oppression in the opposite direction towards men. (No I’m not talking about cheating)
No, feminism in its valid sense is about respecting women well enough to treat them honestly. To actually listen to and learn from them, but also to trust that it can go vice versa without it offending them on principle. So when a guy argues with you, he might actually be respecting you, and he may actually be doing it because he feels comfortable with you. That’s how a real relationship works. It’s either that or the guy’s just being a toddler himself.

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