Why I Travel

I’m not running away and this isn’t a fad..

Don’t get me wrong, travelling is a thrill. It’s my drugs and one night stands. It’s also my honesty with childhood desires. There’s a certain giddiness mixed in with grit that gives me a personal kind of high. I’m not doing this because it’s the new popular trend though.

Travelling is also my education. Not just with languages, but concerning people and my own country by comparison. In this way I can bring something new to the table on top of what is already known. There exists plateaus and limits to inspiration, and travelling allows me to keep pushing.

Then, travelling is my way of encouraging peace. We often feel we should avoid things that are different and new because those are the things that threaten to question our being. On the other hand, if we went into things without a defensive front and with more courage, I feel we could learn, overcome segregation, and live more harmoniously in the world we inhabit.

Last but not least, travelling is my character building. It’s my flexibility, tolerance, listening, respect, appreciation, and understanding. It’s also my independence and social life. It’s my self-assurance, my self-actualization, my risk taking, my boldness. My freedom from constraint to be happy with myself and become the man I want to be.

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