The relationship between “I” and foreign cultures

Some people travel in order to find themselves. I understand that. A lot of the time travelling is like surviving. You discover then what you can do on your own, and what you need to develop in order to be a more effective person in more un-catered circumstances. Then you can return a more powerful person. Travelling really is often like “The Walking Dead”, and you can come out the other side as a tougher person that isn’t so easily surprised.

But how does it work when you are already independent? When you already have that center and inner happiness. You don’t want to lose that for sure, but you still want to be open to new input.

The truth is that you do find things that still show you how you could be happier. You grow and some things are still shed in order to make way for others. But you’ve developed a center around reason, and those aren’t decisions based on fleeting emotions. Even decisions to indulge, let go, and self-care so to speak in this way are rational for an independent person.

In the end, the only way a life decision based on reason changes is if a better argument is presented. But again, if you already have that level of happiness, your reason is pretty deep.

And so if I have kids one day, I will always teach them how to swim with fish instead of how to eat them. This will be the case no matter what country I am in. I can understand different perspectives, but in the end I have my position grounded in the most solid reason in my opinion in respect to this question. It is the most virtuous for me and it’s not until you’ve found enough of your own decisions that go as deep as this one for example, that you can really evaluate and take on a new culture. That you can be so independent to step outside of your reality and into someone elses’ without losing who you are as person in the grand scheme of things because reason doesn’t change.



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