Some Words of Peace Concerning the 2016 US Election

If you were a supporter of the Democratic Party, or just not for Trump, I know that you probably feel lost, alone, or scared on some level. That’s why I wanted to write this blog. When people feel that way it’s often because they feel like people abandoned them or that they don’t have a lot in common with other people in their lives. Thus, what I think will help a lot of people is to understand that many Trump voters were not so different from voters for a different party.

To start off, let’s talk about Bernie Sanders. I think almost all of us can agree that Bernie would’ve made the best president. Also, I believe the vast majority of us want equal rights, opportunities, and peace among all human beings. The only difference on this Bernie issue here then, was how people reacted to Bernie being eliminated, especially in the way he did. Some people went on to vote for what they thought was the second most peaceful option. Others however saw Trump as a way of breaking the current corrupt and controlling political system. This is clearly evident in what happened in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin ; states that were highly populated with Bernie supporters during the primaries. A corrupt system like the one that eliminated Bernie is another way of discrimination that violates human rights. It discriminates against everyone who is not rich. This violation happens a lot in many countries and negates the rights of a wider populace of all mixed races, sexes, and backgrounds. Thus, in trying to protect those human rights, a lot of people thought voting for Trump was the best option when considering the big picture. What’s important to remember here though is that people were fundamentally after the same goals of equal rights, opportunities, and peace. We just had different views on how to bring it about and only time will tell if Trump was an effective choice.

So there was the Bernie event and all the other examples of a lack of socialism. Another point that I believe makes people feel separated and now scared is their interpretation of Trump’s character. Again, we can agree that we want equal rights, opportunities, and peace among all human beings. However, Trump’s generalizations cause us to have different interpretations on his degree of racism, sexism, and descrimination. I talked about this in my last post here. Some statements I admit are more evidence to pointing that he is discriminatory. His often rash comments about looks and them being a factor in ones candidacy in particular are very prejudice and shallow. However, I feel that people got swept up by these comments too much and got angered thereafter at things that only remotely sounded discriminatory such as deporting illegals. Trump’s lack of political correctness, sensitivity, the media, certain political manipulations, political games to get attention, and different background experiences made it even harder to stay on the same page and see the truth. Then extremists were formed and conflict arose. If Trump really seemed like Hitler to everyone though, why did he receive so much support from Latinos and women, while Clinton did not receive the support she needed from African Americans?  For those who didn’t interpret his statements heavily as racist, sexist, or discriminatory, or felt that Clinton was on a more or less equal level in regard to discrimination, they are the ones that didn’t get hurt as bad with Trump. That made them accept Trump more easily, but also made them seem indifferent and downright assholes to others more and more as the comments increased. Really though this is a matter of perspective and experience (not just from white male experience), and I think everyone would feel better to try to understand that. Our intentions again are still the same in the end and its only our means that differ.

Bernie, Trump’s character, and now Trump’s political candidacy. A politicians character and her or his political experience is not always why people think they would be the best choice for president. Many other Trump voters were also able to look past his careless character moments because of the other things he offered. This does not mean they don’t care about his comments or take them into account and it is wrong to assume so. He’s already revolutionized how people will vote and poll in the future though for example. Moreover, the practical aspects to Trump such as the probability of him bringing more jobs to The United States, him withdrawing troops from Iraq, and him fixing border control to encourage safety are movements that people have been waiting for for a long time. This is not to mention his seemingly higher level of honesty, and his lack of political corruption. The fact that he hasn’t been in office before was seen more of another reason to vote for him because he hasn’t been corrupted. Trump voters saw him as a tool yes. On the other hand, they didn’t let his careless character moments get inside their heads and saw what a tool he could be.

When people assume that a Trump supporter is automatically racist, sexist, or discriminatory, or just fundamentally different. This does damage to their own world. It alienates others in their own head and makes themselves feel more alone and scared. I believe there is more to the voting for Donald Trump though and to ignore and neglect that drives us apart. With a little more understanding, I feel like we would be much closer as a species. So I hope that this blog helps. I really do and this isn’t out of gloating, or condescension. Most of us like Bernie, equal rights, and peace. It is shocking to find out how different people are in their belief in the means. However, I think it’s crucial to take a step back and understand each other. With that, we can deal with things on a lighter level, not get hurt as bad, and connect with each other more easily.


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