Hanoi, Vietnam

Before the Vietnam war and the French colonization period, Vietnam was influenced by Chinese rule and traditions. Currently, you can still go to the capital Hanoi and see the buildings that were constructed over two centuries ago. One of these buildings is called the Temple of Literature where a philosophy called Confucianism was taught. You don’t need to know what Confucianism is, however for the sake of this post I will say that it was an ethical view on how to be a better person.


What is the main focus now in schools even in developed 1st world countries? Math and maternal language. We often feel a pressure to neglect alternatives and teachers have to work as social workers in between classes because there isn’t enough time during class. In our great societies, we can only do what we believe in under the condition that it makes enough money. And even when we do make our passion profitable in monetary terms, it’s often not the same is it? It’s been twisted, compromised, forced. Truly I believe this is one reason why famous people can become depressed.

To overcome this obligation to make money, the only real solution would be communism. Not the version of communism we’ve seen in Russia or China whose citizens all have had to answer to what the state orders them to do. No true communism as stated by Marx posited that everyone would be given enough to survive no matter what they did in life. You could be a complete right off then every day and never worry about whether you were getting dinner that night. You could also though, study how to be a good person for instance, at your own pace, in your own way, and to your own degree.

Marx believed that people would study things like ethics and still contribute to society even when they didn’t have to. This would just be in the ways that they wanted. After all, if you lay at home all day your life is going to feel a lot less meaningful to you and you’re not going to be as happy. The goal is to be happy and people would attain this by discovering ways to fulfill their lives naturally. They would live meaningful lives for its own sake alone and uncompromised and unforced passion would flourish.

The main problem with Marxism is this though ; that a government would never be able to have enough resources to support everyone’s needs unconditionally. This is especially true considering population size and having to support the people in couch potato phase that don’t produce. People have tried to conquer more and more land in order to produce more resources, but the utopian idea never seems to get attained. Furthermore, what if no one happened to want to work on a specific important resource such as wheat farms? That very important resource would become scarce. This is not mentioning the other problem that it would be rather difficult, yet maybe not impossible, to imagine people being satisfied with receiving an average amount of resources and “things”. Indeed, we would never actually “own” anything in the end cause it would all go and belong to the state.

So then, we come back to the problem of us needing to work (in effect make money) for our survival because our survival is always in jeopardy on some level. In more developed countries with more resources, survival is easier to attain and therefore, there is more opportunity to realize uncompromised passion, albeit again it is often compromised, twisted, forced to a certain degree.

Imagine though the case in a third world country like Vietnam. For whatever complex succession of events, the resources aren’t there from education, to the number of jobs produced, to the amount of foreign trade. How compromised does it get then? How would you feel doing something for the rest of your life that you did not like at all, but had to do in order to survive? How would you feel trying to sell a product you were detached from, to an entitled tourist who never understands your state of affairs, because that’s the only thing you were ever exposed to?

But this seems completely by chance though. I never decided where I was born, what my government relations were, or how much resources my country had access to. In addition, though I can make my own choices as an adult, that personality was caused by experiences and continues to be influenced from my Canadian environment that I don’t have control over. I am not saying that people in first world countries do not have challenges to face. We make more money, but things are more expensive for example. What I am saying is that my own country at least has more support in entrepreneurial adventures by having better albeit not flawless education, government support, access to jobs, and access to resources national and foreign. What happens though is that we sometimes do not realize this.

Just like it’s hidden how we get animal products on our plates, so to it is hidden how much worse things could be. We only see our own surroundings and we compare one to the other in our zones. We may be convinced then that we are living a shitty life because we don’t have everything that others around us may have. However, this is what I want to tell and show you ; that your life has more opportunity. Much more than the vast majority of people surviving on this planet. I want this to empower and inspire you then as my experiences abroad have to me. I will almost never again go back home and let myself think that there is no way to accomplish a goal when I am in Canada. I’ll almost never be afraid to grab on to an idea and try to create with it because I know the opportunity is there. This is, even though I may look weird or insane to other people around me. Those who are too used to looking a certain way and don’t recognize opportunity when it’s still there. If I look insane, that may just be a good thing to me now. I want you to see what I see though too in order to have another possibility of being deeply successful in your life.

The message : Don’t let your surroundings hold you back. Compare yourself not just to the people around you, but to Latin American people who consistently take down their fronts to connect with people personally. Compare yourself not just to the city walls around you, but to the powerful and majestic nature outside and around the rest of the planet. Compare yourself not just to your current economic status, but to the economic state of affairs in 3rd world countries, and feel remotivated. Feel that there are still ways, that there is still hope, that you do still have energy, that there is a lot of strength that you still have not used because there is. It is there. Dig. Unchain yourself. Take it to your level 12 and be more than what surrounds you.



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